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Karen Jeynes

Satirist, television writer.

Karen Jeynes is a creator of things: plays, films, TV shows, novels, radio dramas, articles and book reviews. Her plays include the multi award-winning “Everybody Else (is Fucking Perfect)”, “I’ll Have What She’s Having”, and “Laying Blame”, as well as “Vaslav”, nominated for 3 Fleur du Caps. She studied Drama at UCT, and obtained her Honours in The Art of Writing from UWC.

Karen is the head writer for ZANews: Puppet Nation (winner of 19 SAFTAs, the Writers Guild Award for Best Comedy, and two times International Emmy nominee for Best TV Comedy), as well as Point of Order, 90 Plein St, and Comedy Central News. She is obsessed with reality television, Good Omens, chaos theory and Nutella.

You Are Not An Westend61

You Are Not An Expert

It’s hard admitting that we don’t have the answers. What’s harder is trying to get to the answers while everyone is screaming their wrong answers out loud .
06/04/2017 03:57 SAST