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Keval Harie

Director of the Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action Trust (GALA)

Keval is a qualified attorney, has always sought to put South Africa's constitution at the centre of his career, using it to find new ways to promote social justice and human rights across the country.  As the director of GALA, Keval is most excited about the opportunity to connect the archives to new intersections of activism, particularly around gender identity and sexuality.  Keval recently joined GALA from the University of Cape Town's Research Contracts and Innovation department where he helped students and faculty grow and apply their research in new and implementable ways.  While at UCT, Keval also focused on developing a stronger culture of activism and advocacy for social justice in South Africa’s higher education sector, particularly regarding the application of legislation related to higher education and university policy on transformation.  In his spare time, Keval enjoys baking, Bollywood, and Instagramming.