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Ruth Levin-Vorster

Accredited mediator

Ruth Levin-Vorster is a Facilitator of Interpersonal Communication and a Mediator. She holds an MA in Theatre and Performance (University of Cape Town), and an undergraduate Diploma in Acting (Drama Centre London). She is an Accredited Mediator (UCT@Law). After 15 years working as a theatre director in London and South Africa, Ruth realized she was in love with human growth & shifting dynamics – within and between – indeed the work behind character creation and relationship mapping in the theatre. 

She expanded her knowledge with interpersonal neurobiology, psychology and mindfulness and weaves these into her creative processes for cultivating empathy and self-awareness.

Recent courses include: Interpersonal Neurobiology  - (From Neural Integration to Neural Plasticity - Dr. Dan Siegal – Mindsight Institute), Positive Psychology (Prof Barbara Fredrickson – University of North Carolina), Living Brave Semester – Rumbling with Challenges  (Dr.Brene Brown – University of Houston) and Mindfulness Meditation (UCT@Law).