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Sylvester Chauke

Chief Architect at DNA Brand Architects

Sylvester Chauke was selected as one of the 22 young leaders from around the world to sit on the Advisory Council for the World Economic Forum Global Shapers in April 2017. This is a testament to the kind of contribution that he has played in his position of leadership especially in the space of youth entrepreneurship. Sylvester is not new to the World Economic Forum community having been selected as a Global Shaper and subsequently being selected as one of the 5 African Global Shapers to sit at the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, leading the conversation of youth entrepreneurship and assisting CEO’s in working with the Millennials.

Sylvester’s business acumen has led him to be invited to sit amongst others, on the board of the South African State Theatre and also Chair the Artistic & Sponsorship Sub-committee at the institution. “Leadership is about serving” is Sylvester’s approach as a leader.

After a lustrous career as the Head of Marketing at Nando’s South Africa and building a global narrative for the brand, Sylvester joined broadcasting giant MTV Networks Africa as it’s head of Marketing and spearheaded the expansion of the brands within the continent.

In 2012, Sylvester established DNA Brand Architects; a marketing and brand consultancy that works with some of the most revered brands on the continent. The company has since made an impact in the industry as a young business that punches above its weight and has up to now won many local and international business awards for its creative thinking, leadership and innovation.

At the core, is an ethos that stimulates DNA Brand Architects which is driven by the hunger for us as Africans to perform at a level that inspires millions and changes the game. Sylvester believes that African businesses need to inject its magic in the rest of the world and that indeed African Excellence is not a theoretical ideal but it is alive and active.