Fellow Africans, There Is A Way For Us All To Live Together In Relative Peace

I condemn every act of self-justice, violence and destruction that has occurred in the past few weeks but I must say that I understand your agitations.

14/03/2017 03:58 SAST | Updated 14/03/2017 03:58 SAST
Ayotunde Aboderin

Dear brothers and sisters, I know most of you won't like what you're about to read but it's just the bitter truth.

I personally want to condemn every act of self-justice, violence and destruction that you have shown in the past few weeks but I must say that I understand your agitations. I want to also say, I'm with you on a peaceful protest until your voices are heard and something quick is done.

Sincerely speaking, I'm disappointed in many of my people for not seeing anything wrong in what our fellow Nigerians and other nationals are doing in South Africa. I personally lived in SA for some years, made sure I stayed out of crime-related stuff and left just after my permit expired. I returned last year for a short vacation and left again. I'm not saying that I'm a saint but common sense tells you and I that, it's not something impossible to do.

Can we stay out of drugs, prostitution, fraud, human trafficking, rape etc? Yes, we can! Maybe not totally but we should at the very least, try! I'm aware of many unimaginable stuff going on in South Africa, done by immigrants. This is not supposed to be! If you're going to live in another country, try to obey the country's rules and regulations, but if you cannot live there without getting involved in crimes, then get out of the country.

I remember vividly how my fellow brothers robbed me when I was in SA. A question that I asked them was, why are you doing this to your fellow brothers? I share your very pain and struggle. I have taken it upon myself to offer a way for all of us to move forward, below:

Solutions for South Africans

1. I think it's time that the asylum rules are tightened. Many people have been and are still taking it for granted, only those who are really in need should be granted asylum.

2. Police should be reformed. Many of these criminals are roaming the streets because the police have sold out their integrity for bribes.

3. Police your community, report suspected criminals to police and follow up until something is done.

4. Protest peacefully. Avoid being labelled wrongfully and misinterpreted.

5. Clear your minds of hatred for foreigners. Not all foreigners are illegal or criminals. Be kind to them whilst staying vigilant.

6. Realise that NOBODY is taking your jobs. You are considered first before other nationals.

7. Know that you need foreigners. It's wonderful to live with people because you can learn new things, new languages, foods and most especially develop SA.

Solutions for foreigners

1. Obey immigration rules and regulations.

2. Stay out of crime-related stuff and businesses.

3. If you're established already, go back home and invest in your own country.

4. If you can't abide by their rules, LEAVE! Truth is, the country is theirs and they have a say in it.

I consider South Africa as my second home and I support a crime-free SA.