07/11/2017 15:45 SAST | Updated 09/11/2017 06:14 SAST

8 Terrific Tips To Make Term 4 Count

Although the end is in sight, the distance already covered in the race has been significantly challenging.

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Term 4, for so many, can feel much like approaching the finish line of the Comrades Marathon. Although the end is in sight, the distance already covered in the race has been significantly challenging.

As a participant, your goal should be to successfully complete the race and claim the victory, having conquered the challenges along the way.


Just as a runner in the Comrades would need to motivate himself to continue towards his goal, despite being tired, sore and perhaps frustrated or disillusioned, so learners and parents will need to find positive ways to keep motivated and determined in the face of the exams and other assessments.

Runners who successfully complete the Comrades do so because they are prepared for the inevitable challenges that will be experienced along the way. Parents should know that the challenges of Term 4 can be navigated more easily with these helpful tips:

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  1. Arrange to get exam timetables and the exam scopes (what will be tested in each subject) as soon as possible. Parents; work with your child: break the seemingly overwhelming task of getting through it all into bite-size, manageable pieces.
  2. Create a daily to-do list and teach your child to tick off each completed task. This will give her a great sense of accomplishment and keep her motivated!
  3. Ask teachers how to get hold of practice tests and past papers. These are the best tools to use to learn for tests and exams!
  4. Create a study-friendly environment for your child. Set aside a special place with a desk and chair. Never study on a couch or a bed -- the brain will go into sleep mode. Switch off cell-phones and the TV during the period of study.
  5. Before getting started, make sure that your child knows what needs to be done during the allotted time. When completed, tick off on the to-do list.
  6. Do not forget to factor in time for exercise, healthy eating and rest. These are essential stress-busting activities.
  7. Study tip: The brain is said to remember things seven times better when you write it down! Encourage your child to write important information down while studying.

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Term 4 can indeed feel much like the final struggle in the Comrades Marathon. Just as runners often seem to accomplish the impossible through good preparation and planning, so too, can your child! Focus on the end line. Encourage your child through your positive outlook about the term ahead, and reap the rewards of a more confident, motivated learner! Go for it!