11/05/2017 03:59 SAST | Updated 11/05/2017 06:25 SAST

What We All Want: A South Africa For All Who Live In It

In our quest to move towards that brilliant, proud South African nation, we need change that brings equality and equity.

Rodger Bosch/ AFP Photo/ Getty Images

As an extremely proud, patriotic South African and a true afro-realist I want to touch on two things: A lot of people ask me, in this current chaos our country finds itself in, has the constitution of our beautiful country failed us? My answer is no, because the constitution is the only thing that is currently keeping our country sane, that allows us to keep our leaders accountable and that is allowing our democratic project to develop every single day.

As a law and political science scholar I'm well aware of the fact that the constitution didn't bring us where we need to be yet in South Africa, but we will get there. We have the best constitution in the world, and in terms of law it is widely admired. So when you're feeling hopeless, just remember without the constitution we would have just been another failed African state. Each one of us needs to fight the good fight, and the constitution helps us with that. Continue being positive, we will win this fight.

This brings me to my second point, In our quest to move towards that brilliant, proud South African nation, we need change. We need change that does not only bring equality, but also equity. You see change only occurs, when ordinary people like you and myself, get involved. In a vibrant democracy like ours, we may not always see eye to eye, but we should remember one thing, we are all human beings, that want the best for our children and for ourselves.

It doesn't matter what religion or political affiliation you have, you just want to live a dignified life. We all yearn for that. We don't need to agree on everything, but we all need a basic sense of solidarity. We are all created equal, and we are and will always be entitled to a life based on the principle of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What our democracy affords us, is the opportunity to chase after our individual dreams, whilst also working hard to achieve a common goal.

This is what will bind us together once more, the sense of a common, shared purpose. It's the idea that our democracy will reflect the decency of our people. As our country is in crisis, I want you to stay positive, for you live in the greatest country on earth. It is our belief in this country, that even with all our outward differences, if we unite and realise that we are all in this together, we will overcome.

It is the idea that we rise or fall, we do both as one. It is the fundamental belief of hope that has allowed us to rise above our past of division and hatred. May we not lose that hope now, and may we always find piece in hope, and never fear. I ask you humbly, to join me in being a positive, vibrant and informed citizen of this beautiful country, and to stand up against those who are trying to divide us, may we always remember that they do not represent or define us.

Love is the cure.