11/02/2017 02:54 SAST

Man Hammers 38 Nails With His Skull In Pursuit Of World Record

His skull is more than twice as thick as the average human's -- and probably three times as numb.

A Boston-area man wanted a world record and, by gosh, he nailed it ― by pounding 38 nails into a board with his skull in under two minutes.

“Hammer Head” John Ferraro smashed his way to the record earlier this week on the Guinness World Records Italian Show, a weekly YouTube series.

It’s not the first hit for the “Hammer Head,” who also holds the one-minute record (13 nails) and the world record for Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes (male). Ferraro broke 45 blocks in that timeframe back in April 2011.

Take a look at a man who truly has a numb skull through the magic of GIFs.

Scratching your head at how Ferraro is able to do that? His skull is more than twice as thick as the average human’s ―16 millimeters in thickness compared to an average of 6.5,according to the Daily Mail.

Ferraro discovered he was thickheaded when he was a kid and went head-first through a wooden door while chasing his brother, according to Guinness.

When Ferraro isn’t banging his head against nails for glory, he works as a professional wrestler under the name “Gino Martino.”

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