20/01/2017 21:35 SAST

Police Looking For Man Who Stole Two Pizzas Dressed As Beer Bottle

That's one brazen beverage!

This thief is a real pizza work.

A man in South Wales was caught on camera stealing two pizzas while dressed as a beer bottle.

The saucy surveillance pic was taken New Year’s Day at a Papa John’s Pizza in Barry, South Wales.

The unidentified pizza thief entered a staff-only area, grabbed two pies and left without paying, according to Barry & District News.

Luckily, it doesn’t look like he took any “dough.”

It might seem easy to track down a giant Heineken bottle, but like a beer that’s been open for six hours, the search seems to have gone flat.

Authorities are hoping to nab the giant Heineken right in the bud by releasing a photo of the pizza thief.

South Wales Police
Police in South Wales U.K. are looking for a man accused of stealing two pizzas while dressed as a beer bottle.

We all know a few beers often leads to a takeaway, but this brazen beverage seems to have forgotten to pay for his,” a spokesman for the South Wales Police Dept, said according to the Daily Mail.

Anyone who might know the identify of the pie-eyed robber is asked to contact the South Wales Police by dialing 101 (a non-emergency number only good in the U.K.) and referencing case number 1700001089.

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