07/04/2017 10:30 SAST | Updated 07/04/2017 10:30 SAST

It Is Time to Put Down the Braai Tongs and to Rise Up RSA

The revolution will not be televised, it will be photographed, recorded, tweeted, liked, streamed, and televised. But only if there is a revolution.

Rogan Ward / Reuters
A protester takes part in a march calling for the removal of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma in Durban, South Africa April 7, 2017.

It is time we as South Africans realised not only our place in the world & our power in the world, but also our place in the history of the world. It is time we recognised the price we pay, could pay & have paid for ignorance.

It is time we stopped sleeping at the wheel & become active citizens. Like the youth of our nation. Like the youth of our parent's generation.

We have witnessed a shift in our world in the past couple of years & the past few weeks... the enemies of truth, justice, accountability and fairness have begun to show themselves! They have begun to exercise their power and are squeezing. Can you not feel it?

How the price of what you eat and where you live and what you need to live has gone up and up...
How the people meant to be serving you and protecting you have been stealing from you and violating your rights...

How the world as we know it seems to be becoming a more dangerous place everyday...

South Africa is no longer The Rainbow Nation anymore.
Britain is no longer in The EU anymore.
America is no longer the home of The Brave & the land of The Free anymore. We are no longer in Kansas...

It is easy to brush it all off and decide that this doesn't affect all of us. It is easy to decide that it doesn't affect you & the ones you love directly.

But the reality of the situation is that #RSA defenses are down & we are watching as a heist of epic proportions is occurring in our living rooms.
So as easy as it is to dismiss the events that are unfolding around us, it is perilous to do so.

Our peril is in the fact that we are being governed by people who have no idea how to govern. We are being lead by greedy, shameless, power hungry pawns. And in a world of deceptive agendas, escalating conflicts and increasing foreign dominance, we are in danger of being lead to destruction. We are flying blind.

It is time to put down the braai tongs, the balls, the joysticks, the credit cards and to pick up the boards and the cans, to march, to protest, and to revolt.

Yes, I said it, revolt. This is a revolution. This is the turning of the tide.

Say no. Stand up and be counted. Take action. Make a change. Make your voices heard. Stop working. Stop buying. Stop agreeing. Stop the machine of the state so they can remember that WE are the country, not Them. Not The Elite. Not White Monopoly Capital. Not The BEE Cartels. Not the remnants of the failed Gupta Empire. Not The Zuma Cartel. Not The ANC Premier League.

We The People are South Africa.

Even if you don't or can't march, go onto the internet & make your voices heard. #ZumaMustFall#MarchForChange#ANCMustFall.

It is time that those capable of leading should lead. It is time that those qualified to better our nation do their civic duty and apply themselves to bettering South Africa.

We need to replace the incompetent people, we need to replace the redundant systems & we need to have capable, trustworthy, intelligent and globally aware leaders guiding our futures.

We need people with solutions for our nation and ideas for our future. We need dedicated service delivery and citizen support. We need patriotic foreign policy, legislation creators, we need fit amd proper hands in charge of our nation's finances.

We need a whole new system. A system free from the corruption that has become our government.

We can only achieve this by removing President Jacob Zuma. We can only achieve this by removing the ANC as our government. But though the road to #RSAElections2019 is filled with many epiphanies that will help strengthen our collective resolve to rid ourselves of the cANCer in our government, we can no longer abide being lead by Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

The USA now has to deal with the fact that 25.6% of the eligible voters have managed to decide the future of their nation because 46.9% of their eligible voters didn't vote. They couldn't care less. It didn't affect them. But now they see that it does. Now we live in a world where Donald Trump is the president of America. So in that world, we can't have Jacob Zuma or any of the current leadership as the president of our republic.

So rise up. Wake up. Stand up. You are the #RSAMovement, you the #RSAPatriots.

The revolution will not be televised... it will be photographed, recorded, written about, talked about, tweeted, liked, streamed, shared... and televised. But only if there is a revolution.

So #RiseUpRSA and take back #SouthAfrica.