23/03/2017 03:56 SAST | Updated 23/03/2017 07:35 SAST

The Newest Superhero TV Series Called 'Legion' Is A Gem

The overall tone of the series isn't at all what I had initially expected. There is a wonderful X-Men vibe in Legion as well as a very dark and creepy tone.

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There's another new comic book superhero TV series on right now. It's called Legion and it is simply spellbinding! It is a completely fresh take on the usual superhero series that we have come to love. In fact, it is a completely fresh take on superhero storytelling in general. If you are into psychological thrillers, and you like the X-Men, then you are going to love Legion.

Warning: Mild Spoilers going forward, in what can be regarded as a basic synopsis of the characters and the show.

The X-Men Character Named Legion

Legion, is a mutant with psychic abilities which is part of the X-Men universe. The Character was created back in the 80's by one of the most legendary X-Men writers of all time, Chris Claremont. Legion is also known as David Charles Haller. The biggest link the character has with the X-Men is his father, who is Professor Charles Xavier.

David (Legion) was brought up by his mom Gabrielle Haller (hence his surname). Gabrielle was a former patient of Professor X who he treated using his psychic powers. They had an affair which led to the birth of David. David's identity and existence are unknown to Professor X because Gabrielle had kept that a secret from him.

David is known to be a very powerful Omega-level mutant with psychic powers. He also inherited a mental illness from his mother in the form of dissociative identity disorder. Legion can conjure up multiple personalities which have their own unique trait or ability, like super strength or fire. In fact, he can access almost any type of power.

Legion the TV Series

Legion has already aired about 6 episodes at the time of writing this article. The first episode being more than 90 minutes long. Very befitting because of its cinematic feel. The show does not give you any hint as to David's power or abilities. You just see him as a guy with a mental disease. But the word mutant does get thrown around a bit which gives the show its comic book cred.

David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) meets a young woman named Syd (played by Rachel Keller) who is part of a group of mutants led by Melanie Bird (Jean Smart). David and his new found mutant friends try to help him find out the extent of his powers in order to harness it and use it towards the betterment of mutant kind.

The above synopsis might feel like a huge spoiler, but it is not even close to that. Legion does so well at keeping its audiences guessing by opening and closing loops. Each episode leaves you wanting more because there are so many questions left unanswered. The next episode will probably answer most of those questions and will, in turn, raise even more questions.

The overall tone of the series isn't at all what I had initially expected. There is a wonderful X-Men vibe in Legion as well as a very dark and creepy tone. The Horror and Thriller aspects of the show fit in well with the series and are what makes this show a must-see.