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Three Blockbuster Movies You Can Rent Right Now

The big summer films are usually released on DVD in April.

Here are three highly rated theatrical releases of last year that are available to buy or rent right now.
Warner Bros and DC Comics
Here are three highly rated theatrical releases of last year that are available to buy or rent right now.

If you had a busy December and didn't have time to go to the movies, then you would have missed out on some amazing new movie releases. But all is not lost, because April is always a great time to watch the latest movies at home. It is usually around this time that summer blockbusters end up being released on DVD and Blu Ray.

Here are three highly rated theatrical releases from the end of last year that are available to buy or rent right now.

Justice League

The long-awaited DC Comics team-up movie is finally here. It features all of our favourite heroes, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash, all of which combine to form the "Justice League". These heroes have to work together to defeat an ancient but powerful villain named Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf plans to locate all of the Mother Boxes to capture planet Earth and become the supreme ruler.

"Justice League" has a much lighter tone than previous DC Movies. It's fun and adventurous, exactly what you want to see in a superhero team-up movie. This is partly owing to the fact that Joss Whedon took over this project halfway through filming, because original director Zack Snyder suffered a series of unfortunate family events. Whedon has some high-level superhero credibility as the director of the first two Marvel "Avenger" movies, which had serious world-ending tones, but with fun superhero action.

There's plenty of this action evident in "Justice League". Not only are the fight sequences spectacular, but the overall movie is a visual treat. Every scene is eye candy and a delight to watch. My only issues with the film are with the pacing and certain story elements. The high-octane action sequences are followed by slow-paced and dialogue-heavy exposition scenes. There are also some strange choices in the storytelling department that leave you not altogether satisfied. But the movie is saved by superb performances from the actors.

Paddington 2

The sequel to the surprisingly good "Paddington"movie is here. And in the same surprising manner, the sequel has once again surpassed my expectations. Some critics are literally calling it the movie of the year, and I'm not joking when I say this. "Paddington 2" has everything you need in a lovable family movie. A great story filled with action and drama is well acted and wonderfully brought to screen by the movie's skilled production team.

It's Aunt Lucy's birthday and Paddington wants to get her the perfect present. He finally comes across a lovely little pop-up book that features the City of London. Aunt Lucy has never been to London, so this book will make the perfect gift because it will show her what London looks like. Paddington decides on the spot to get a job so that he can buy it. In the meantime, actor Phoenix Buchanan (played by Hugh Grant) is plotting to get his hands on the very same book, which happens to hold some dark secrets.

The movie is a non-stop ride of fun, drama, action and excitement. Every scene is outdone by the next. Even the slow-paced scenes are filled with subtle yet effective moments of comedic relief. Hugh Grant is amazing, delivering incredible depth in a movie that is fun and entertaining to watch.

Paddington has learnt plenty since the last movie, which actually gives him a sweet outlook on life. An outlook that we as humans have forgotten. But this is still very much a fish out of water tale that will engross all viewers, young and old.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

"The Last Jedi"sees the Resistance Forces fleeing from the First Order in an attempt to survive. The entire army of the Resistance Forces is on the run and, if they lose this battle, then there will be no one left to fight for good. It is up to just a few fighters who will have to sneak on board the First Order destroyer and sabotage their plans. Meanwhile, Ray is on a mysterious island with legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker trying to master the power of the force.

"The Last Jedi" is episode 8 in the Star Wars franchise. It is the sequel to "The Force Awakens", a movie that you should see first, although you needn't watch the others if you don't have the time. This film is more serious and sets a more dramatic tone than "The Force Awakens", which was more focused on setting the scene and capturing a sense of adventure. While there are plenty of high-action fight sequences, the purpose of "The Last Jedi" is to go deeper into the characters and set up the story for the final movie of the trilogy, due out in 2019.

"The Last Jedi" is a movie filled with breathtaking visuals and imagery. A lot of the sets and props are real, which gives the movie its fantastic look, without looking like it is exclusively concocted from CGI. The tone and pacing are perfect in keeping with the movies dire, yet inspiring story. There is one setback, however, and that is that the lead spends the entire second act in an unnecessary location slowing down the latter half of the film and delaying gratification as to their role in the story. In the end, this can easily be overlooked in favour of the film's strong points, making it a blockbuster well worth your time.