19/03/2017 23:53 SAST | Updated 19/03/2017 23:53 SAST

Do Women Know What They Want From Sex? Um, Yes. Obviously.

Women DO know what they want. It just happens to change, all the time. And we need you, to keep up. Women have been designed to change.

Martin Barraud
Women smiling together at party

There are movies and songs and poems and many male-dominated, bar-side conversations about what women want. Especially, when it comes to sex. For years, man has been asking this question and out of absolute desperation at the lack of answers, has settled on the only logical conclusion. Women don't know what they want.

Do they?

We are exposed to varied professional views on female sexuality and that, in my opinion, is because of the blanket approach taken to sex and to what women want from it. Here's an angle to consider: What we do know, is that we are all different and want different things. Add to this that women are continually changing and wear so many different hats that at any given point in time – we may very well, want something different from our sex lives.

Hang in a little longer. We're nearly there... The revelation is this. Women DO know what they want. It just happens to change, all the time. And we need you, to keep up. Women have been designed to change. We experience physical, emotional and spiritual changes throughout our lives. Our bodies adapt to menstruation, breasts, pregnancy, menopause... And our lives change based on careers, motherhood and the status of our relationships.

If women did not fully embrace this thing called "change", the hair industry would not be as lucrative as it is today, as Amellia Joon said. The answer to what women want, changes, in the very same way that women do. Perhaps, instead of asking what do women want, we should be asking, What Does This Woman Want, Right Now?

I've been told by various male friends that men want a woman to be all things in the bedroom. Sometimes he wants intimacy, sometimes he wants a woman who takes charge, sometimes, he wants a woman who is willing to try new things and behave in a manner opposite to who she is in public. Lo and behold... Women have been designed to change, at any given point in time, to become a version of herself that is different to who she has been.

Are you there yet?

Men want all different types of women in the bedroom and women are created to be all types of different women, throughout their lives. The answer could simply be that women want it all. Women want to be every version of themselves that they can possibly fit into one lifespan. Women want to be whoever we can be at that moment in time and we want you, to join in on it. So, let us be whatever we need to be in that moment in time so that you can have all the women you need, wrapped up in one.

I'm not saying that it is in any way uncomplicated or easy but... Are you in?