15/12/2016 04:53 SAST | Updated 15/12/2016 04:53 SAST

How To Spend All Day In Pyjamas

A handy guide for OCD Girl's day off.

Fredy Builes / Reuters
People dressed in pajamas while participating in an event marking the World Day of laziness Itagui, Colombia, August 14, 2016. REUTERS/Fredy Builes

The idea of a day spent in Pyjamas summons images from Bridget Jones and her break ups, along with depression and just a general, cop out from society.

But, it does not have to be that way, obsessive-compulsive (OCD) girl! A Pyjama Day does not have to include bad food choices (unless, of course, that's what you want), oily hair, unshaven legs and musky sleeping clothes.

You can do Pyjama Day, the OCD way!

The only way an OCD girl can fully enjoy a Pyjama Day, is if she plans it right down to the very last detail. We understand that this may sound very un-Pyjama Dayish in the traditional sense but, let's work within the boundaries that the OCD girl prefers. She has trouble "letting go"... you know...

First things first – pick the date. OCD Girl would naturally, pick a date that does not interfere with her work or social engagements. Naturally. This may be a Saturday, over a long weekend, where there is a day or two extra for OCD girl to get to important stuff that needs doing, once she is done with her planned relaxation. If this particular OCD girl is a SUPER DUPER OCD girl, she may very well plan her Pyjama Day to fall in line with the rainy season (on the off chance that she receives the sterling gift of a rainy, Pyjama Day. Note: the off/on chance of rain, is the only variable that is up-in-the-air for the OCD Girls, Pyjama Day).

Next up, the "life administration". Leading up to the actual Pyjama Day, OCD Girl will carefully create a To Do list to ensure that none of life's administration processes can pop in and disrupt her Pyjama Day. Bills will be paid, future events will be secured, work will be caught up and of course, a grocery list of healthy treats will be purchased at least two days before Pyjama Day commences. This is done so that OCD Girl can slowly start leaning in to the process of relaxing. After all, you cannot go straight from Mach speed to a slow crawl, overnight. OCD Girl may also, include one or two "cheat" treats for the pantry since she is, letting her day down for the day.

OCD Girl will then take the time out of her busy schedule to purchase two new sets Pyjama's. This process will possibly take place online and she may very well, spoil herself with slightly-more-than-acceptably-priced we said, she's letting her hair down. Also, a really good read (that has nothing to do with her career, future studying aspirations or spiritual growth) will be purchased leading up to the event.

The next step for OCD girl is to ensure that her bed is draped in freshly washed linen (there really is nothing sweeter than getting into a fresh bed, for OCD girl).

OCD girl will ensure that her hair is washed (and dried), her legs are shaved, her body creamed, her eyebrows plucked and her nails are done before she slips on the first pair of new pyjama's on Friday night. She's off to bed, at exactly the same time she goes off to bed every other night but this time, with a sense of anticipation for the day she has planned tomorrow.

On the morning of Pyjama Day, OCD girl wakes up leisurely (not alarm clock required for Pyjama Day and, the bin is already outside for collection so there's no reason to rush!), she languishes in a bubble bath (she's lucky, it is raining today), brushes her teeth and only adds face cream to her face (make-up is a no-no on Pyjama Day). She neatly folds the first set of new pyjamas and puts them in the laundry basket. The second set of pyjama's are now donned so that she feels clean and organised.

Pyjama Day, is now in full swing. OCD Girls' favourite music is playing, she's reading a no-brainer book, in bed, while it rains, with clean sheets, an organised life and one or two "cheat" treats.

Watch out world, after a day like today, she'll be back in full OCD force to organise and save the world!