16/03/2017 03:59 SAST | Updated 16/03/2017 03:59 SAST

We Still Have A Long Walk To Freedom

Land that was stolen and Africa was conquered, and this remains unchanged even after the so-called post-colonial era. We suffer a psychological colonialism.

Mohamad Torokman / Reuters

Nelson Mandela's biography is entitled "Long Walk To Freedom", one of the most popular books which details the life and times of the struggle icon. The phrase "Long walk to freedom" is most appropriate in South Africa today. A country which has been experiencing economic exploitation and social degradation for more than 450 years, the lives of the majority are not getting any better every day, instead it is the few connected individuals who develop fat tummies.

Tata was quite right to say it is a long walk to freedom. All the wars in Africa were about the land and nothing else. It was the land that was stolen and Africa was a conquered nation which remains unchanged even after the so-called post-colonial era.

We are defeated by a psychological colonialism which makes us inferior towards our counterparts, our former masters. Indeed, it is a long walk to freedom. Politicians use phrases such as "white monopoly capital" to garner support from their audience while they are the ones who benefit primarily from the same phenomenon they claim to wrestle. The public have also lost confidence in their supposed-leaders because they have only proved to be there to materially benefit at the expense of the masses. The fact that people have lost faith in their status quo awards them with inexperienced and representatives because people who have potential have since joined the private sector while risking politics to "gangsters".

Around many political formations, they do not have solutions to their people's daily problems because they are out of touch with the masses. Almost all members of parliament, mayors, councillors etc. are staying in the suburban areas while they claim to fight for the uneducated rural descendants. What the governing party usually boasts with is the fact that they are sponsoring 17 million people through their social welfare programmes in the post-94 regime.

They have very little to talk about in terms of improving the quality and accessibility of education and health care facilities. The corruption levels parachuted and skyrocketed since the democratic dispensation. We have not been able to give land back to its rightful owners, and instead a lot of money has been used in the land reform programmes which have not been adequately sufficient. It is safe to say that all the people who died in the fight to return the land, shed their blood and tears in vain.

Our supposed leaders have abandoned the genuine struggle of the land in favour of lavish lifestyles somewhere in suburbs, they want to see themselves sharing a gymnasium with our former oppressors, and they feel more human when they do things that are usually done by our former colonisers while we even abandon our beautiful rich languages. It is not yet Uhuru. The State-Owned-Entities (SOEs) have been changed to become family purses, with politicians fighting amongst each other to control money that should be benefitting the public. The executive boards are also not serving the interests of the public. Popo Molefe and Hlaudi Motsoeneng behave as if they were born to lead these collapsing SOEs. They have developed arrogant attitudes and have come to wrongfully believe that these people's enterprises are some kind of monarchs.

It is also embarrassing to hear that involved in these scandals, is either a DA, EFF, ANC, UDM, PAC Member of Parliament (MP); while these men and women should be representing every person in South Africa including those who did not vote for them. If you define a member of parliament according to their political allegiance then you are deliberately perpetuating mediocrity which prevails every time President Zuma appears before the parliament. South African politics have not attracted men and women of a befitting calibre. It has only opened ways and opportunities for criminals who steal public resources tirelessly.

We only pray that God and our gods bless us with great leaders in the future because we are leaderless.