15/03/2017 03:56 SAST | Updated 15/03/2017 07:15 SAST

The ANC Government Does Not Know When To Draw The Line

It is obvious the ANC is trying to destroy the voice of the youth the same way the apartheid government crippled black people from speaking up.

Deaan Vivier/ Foto24/ Gallo Images/ Getty Images

After the Minister Of State Security David Mahlobo said that capped restrictions on the type of content that is released to the media would be regulated, #HandsOffSocialMedia was the top trend in South Africa.

Apparently the reasoning to this decision was led by the amount of fake news that is published online and the photoshopped pictures leaked to the media.

Twitter then fired back saying the ANC is hiding behind fickle reasons in order to push their own agendas.

These are some of the reasons why the ANC wants this rule implemented:

  1. The national elections are nearing and the ANC wouldn't like to lose an election because of the growth of social media and the negative publicity they receive on these platforms.
  2. They tried to hijack Twitter last year during the local elections in the form of 'War Room' and the Black Ops missions, which backfired. Instead of more people voting for the party in power they either did not vote or they voted for the DA.
  3. Donald Trump and Jacob Zuma recently had a phone call where they discussed different matters concerning trading and strengthening relationships with other African countries. This fake news topic might have been brought up as well since Trump has made the term famous.
  4. The ANC is planning to continue with their corrupt ways and they do not need social media investigating and spreading real, legitimate news because of their image and the supporters that they will lose.

It is quite obvious that the ANC is trying to destroy the voice of the youth the same way the apartheid government oppressed black people and crippled them from speaking up.

The impacts of regulations on media could cause any potential investors from overseas to think twice about approaching South Africa because of the limited content that can be released.

People who make a living from social media will have to find another source of income because of the lack of business that will be available.

The ANC fails to keep up with the times and they continue to abuse the constitution.

When is enough really enough?