09/03/2017 04:54 SAST | Updated 09/03/2017 04:54 SAST

ZADNA Raises Awareness About The Importance Of The .ZA Domain Names In Limpopo

The Domain Name .za namespace regulator (South African Domain Name Authority) visited Limpopo for a provincial workshop on the dealings of the two entities.

Koketso Marishane

On the 23 February 2017, the Domain Name .za namespace regulator ZADNA (South African Domain Name Authority) visited the Limpopo Province on invitation from the Limpopo Information and Communications Technology Forum (Limpopo ICT Forum) for a provincial workshop on the dealings of the two entities.

I was a part of the event as the Limpopo ICT Forum Youth Desk official. In my opening address, I spoke about how over the past years, the Limpopo ICT Forum has seen unprecedented levels of demonstrations across sectors. It's clear from what we've seen at various institutions that we find ourselves at a crossroads, where one road leads to ongoing mayhem and the other to a South Africa that was envisaged with the demise of the former government administration. Not least to mention that, we're honoured today to welcome the presence of officials from our public and private governing institutions: Office of the Limpopo Premier; SITA Limpopo; Polokwane Municipality; Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality; Tshwane University of Technology Polokwane Campus; University of Limpopo; Vodacom Limpopo; and leaders of civil society groups in the province.

Limpopo ICT Forum has been in existence since 2007. Throughout the years, it experienced both positive and negative challenges through leaps and bounds that tested its existence. It is through its committed members, that it has managed to stay for so long.

"I'm happy to be exposed to the Limpopo ICT Forum because, their track record shows that they're resilient, strong-willed, committed and compassionate about the work they do. I'm thus considering my membership with them", said Lehlogonolo Chidi who won a gift from ZADNA at the workshop.

Koketso Marishane

"Our objective as ZADNA is to raise awareness about the importance of the .za domain names and their benefits to the South African community. As part of our .za awareness drive, ZADNA is set to conduct Registrar-reseller training and workshops across all the provinces. It is common cause that there are a few or limited black players in this market and we would like to see black participation increase in the .za domain name industry over time. We hope that today's workshop in Limpopo will enable the envisaged growth," said the Namespace and Development Manager, Louis Bezuidenhout.

Notwithstanding other organisations globally that we've serviced before, we believe this organisation too, is at a critical impasse, challenged to take a frank direction, to have the courage to change and to do more in order to respond sufficiently and comprehensively to the increasing demands for equity, inclusivity, transformation and relevance.