16/08/2017 15:24 SAST | Updated 16/08/2017 16:35 SAST

Makhosi Khoza: 'I'm Being Hit Hard For The Death Of Conscience Amongst Senior ANC Officials'

"Senior government officials within the ANC attempt to persuade me to overlook the act of stealing money by those who are elected to lead the nation."

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Makhosi Khoza is seen amongst other delegates during the Future of South Africa conference hosted by Save SA and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation.

* Read the original isiZulu version of the Facebook text here.

Many are still confused as to why the ANC has passed judgement on me. Here are the reasons for the judgement:

1. Refusing that leaders continue with their greed at the expense of thousands of people who face hardship and unemployment.

2. I am being attacked for fighting corruption. These days it is hard to find employment from government departments without a bribe.

3. I fight against the theft of the nation's money supply by leaders in high ranked positions within our government.

4. I am being crucified for having a good conscience. It is said that I must forget about being conscientious and instead, protect corrupt leaders.

5. It is said that I vote with parties who oppose the ANC. I do not vote for opposition parties, I vote for fighting against the corruption that has escalated within our government.

6. Senior government officials within the ANC attempt to persuade me to overlook the act of stealing money by those who are elected to lead the nation, but decide to enrich themselves, their families and friends.

5. I am being hit hard for the death of conscience amongst senior officials of the ANC who expect us, as followers, to protect them when they steal money earmarked for developing the nation.

6. I am being victimised because I support that traditional leaders should be provided with funds to develop their areas, so that they may attract tourists and, furthermore, create job opportunities for our people so that they may avoid wasting their money on transport in their quest for employment and jobs.

7. I am victimised for tenders that are given to friends and families of the senior officials in government.

8. I am attacked because I am tired of witnessing a nation being destroyed.

9. I am a woman, and it hurts when I see people with degrees and diplomas jobless, with no prospects of employment.

10. I am trashed for fighting for good governance and integrity from national leaders, requiring them to act in a manner that will unite the nation.

How many leaders do you know who have been judged like me, among those who steal government money There are none. The ANC is now in the hands of cape hunting dogs, evildoers and corrupt people.

Not long ago some of the leaders belonged to the IFP, but today they are well vested in the ANC more than some of us who joined the organisation at a young age. Today, these comrades are rich and yet they used to live in two-roomed and four-roomed houses and mud houses. And yet they have forgotten that we are obligated to uplift our people from hardship.

They insult us when we remind them of the aims and objectives of the ANC in liberating our nation.

I will not stop fighting for our people. Pray for me Christians. I will need your support if I am expelled.

Of course, I realise that they do not want me at all, these corrupt leaders.

We need credible leadership and not thugs and criminals.

Let us mobilise [Viva!] Forward with the struggle against corruption, forward.