31/03/2017 03:56 SAST | Updated 31/03/2017 03:56 SAST

The ANC Is In A Death Spiral

The ANC government isn't afraid of voters. They are convinced that if they scare voters about an apartheid bogeyman, then voters will keep voting for them.

Siphiwe Sibeko / File Photo/ Reuters

The African National Congress (ANC) government is not afraid of voters. Everything it does and every decision it takes seems to confirm its freezing-cold disdain for South African people and voters in particular.

Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada's party seems to self-destruct at a speed many could not have imagined. They have an infantile belief that their liberation record alone is enough to keep them in power. This infantile belief blinds them to the urgency of unemployment, inferior education, a sluggish economy and corruption.

So brazen, they are convinced that if they reward the corrupt and punish the honest in broad daylight voters will only see a party fighting racism and implementing radical economic transformation. They are convinced that if they scare voters enough about an apartheid bogeyman, they will keep voting for them. After all, voters do not care much about jobs, quality education and clean government. If they just tell them social grants come from the ANC, it will be enough. After all, voters only want their social grants and food parcels.

What is more? If they complain about corruption, tell them this is just racism from the white media and opposition parties against a black government for pursuing a "transformation agenda" and a "radical economic transformation" policy to empower the black majority. Those who do not agree with us are just a small bunch of ungrateful "clever blacks" and white racists we can do without. This decline obviously started a long time ago, but lately they have become so brazen and stubborn they won't let anyone slow them as they zigzag in their death spiral.

This spiral is just picking up speed as they careen hastily on a slippery path. At the centre of it all is the Gupta family that is joined at the hip with President Zuma. This pair, and vicariously the ANC, is merciless in its demolition of the core values upon which our constitution instructs us to build a government: ethics, transparency and accountability. The ground for the harassment and the sacking of Gordhan seems to have been laid a while ago with the promotion of a Gupta favourite Brian Molefe who left Eskom under a cloud of corruption.

The events unfolding before our eyes today seem to resemble those of Venezuela which in 2001 was the richest country in South America but is today one of the poorest. Inflation is today 800 percent, the economy just continues to shrink, queues are everywhere for basic foodstuffs - and for passports out of the country. It started with the kind of events we see in South Africa today: punishing the disciplined and honest and rewarding clueless sycophants whose only desire is to please the hand that feeds them.

Why is the ANC willing to gamble with the future of an entire country of 55 million people? They are not afraid of voters. They want Gordhan's head on the spike with his Public Finance Management Act which, according to an unschooled Free State premier hinders "transformation", for doing his job as any honest man would.

The ANC stands on a crumbling precipice and they won't let anyone pull them back.

In the climate of political correctness and self-interest that sweeps through the ANC, Gordhan has even earned threats of being necklaced as per the ANCYL, a semi-literate mob with the collective intelligence of a three year old. This threat was made in the presence of uBaba and obviously with his nod. The warfare against Gordhan is relentless and comes from all directions from an entire news channel to an army of Gupta mercenaries on Twitter. He is left out to dry by none other than his ANC.

It seems that if you want to thrive in the ANC and in its government, throw your honesty and discipline out of the window and do little to hide that fact. The honest are punished while the corrupt are rewarded. The ANC stands on a crumbling precipice and they won't let anyone pull them back. This is not all bad. Their destruction will enrich our democracy and maybe from their ashes a more ethical party will emerge. For now, we weep for the ANC!