29/03/2017 03:55 SAST | Updated 29/03/2017 03:55 SAST

Five Ways To Be More Positive In Your Busy Life

The fact is that we are too comfortable with our daily routines. Try being spontaneous and go for an early morning jog on a Saturday instead on sleeping in.

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Being a positive person in today's age is no easy task, sometimes people tell us something we don't want to hear or we go through some series of unfortunate events.

A good example would be the State of the Nation Address that took place not long ago where there were people who waited patiently to have a good laugh at what would occur because during the state of the nation some chaos would erupt whilst others were concerned where our country was heading and wondering if they should get their bags packed ready to leave.

But with everything going on, you can stay positive and have a better outlook on life.

Here are five simple ways you can stay more positive during tough times.

1. You need to love yourself

It may sound cliché and possibly end up being a great song – actually there was a song written about it, moving on before you start singing it. Not every one of us is content with the way we are from our appearance to our walk. We look at our "bad'' characteristics rather than the good ones, remember we are all unique and it's great to take advice from well minded people and improve on ourselves.


2. Begin your day on a positive note

Just like how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, starting your day on a positive note is just as important. This could mean asking yourself uplifting questions or reading some positive quotes or inspiring content to help get your mind ready for the day ahead. Some other ways to start your day on a positive manner would be to know your intentions for the day, consider what makes you happy and try to stay off social media too early in the morning.


3. Release all tension

No one likes to be stressed out and it does not add any help to been a more positive person. Get rid of any stress factors by doing something you enjoy whether it's playing your favourite instrument or eating your favourite food, yes eating helps with stress especially super foods. You could also expose yourself to some funny content because laughing offers great benefits and the main one being more happy and relaxed, laughter all round is good for your well-being.


4. Switch things up

The fact is that we are too comfortable with our daily routines. Routines help keep things in order but they become boring over time because your body and mind is used to it and is screaming out for something new. A good thing to do is try and be spontaneous like going for an early morning jog on a Saturday instead on sleeping in.


5. Look at the optimistic side of things

Not everything goes off without a hitch, obstacles occur and problems can happen unexpectedly. Looking at the problem in a much more optimistic way would help you find solutions rather than stress you out like being in a negative situation and having a positive outlook.