24/02/2018 10:56 SAST | Updated 24/02/2018 10:56 SAST

Best Of Blogs, 24 February: Don't Miss Out On These

Catch up on some of the week's blogs.

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In the past week, many contributors wanted to share their thoughts on all the current affairs facing the country, both politically and economically, while others just wanted to offer some lifestyle tips. Here are some of the best from the blogs desk this week:

1. The Past Has Passed – A New Beginning Awaits South Africa

"I see only one hope for our country, and that is when white men and black men, desiring neither power nor money, but desiring only good for their country, come together to work for it."

Reflecting on these words spoken by Reverend Theophilus Msimangu in Alan Paton's, "Cry, The Beloved Country", I write this piece for the love that I have for our beloved country.

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2. President Ramaphosa Brings A Sense Of Renewal And Optimism

A planned reorganisation of state machinery has inevitably become conflated with speculation about the extent to which President Ramaphosa will shake up and reduce the size of the inflated Cabinet he has inherited from Jacob Zuma. Cabinet composition will have a direct effect on the size and scope of the national departments that implement the mandates of individual ministers, writes Vinothan Naidoo.

3. 5 Priorities South Africa's New Administration Should Focus On

Former President Jacob Zuma has been in power for the past eight years. While there were some notable achievements, his period in power was marked by a period of corruption and nepotism during which well connected individuals extracted favours from the Zuma network of associates, the Gupta family being the most obvious cast of characters. This process of state capture was made possible by the president's lack of moral direction, exemplified by accusations of rape and theft. The challenge now is to recover a damaged state and a fractious political environment, writes Anthoni van Nieuwkerk.

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4. Epilepsy – To Disclose Or Not To Disclose?

According to disability expert, epilepsy may be classified as a disability in terms of the Employment Equity Act if it substantially limits a person's entry into, or advancement in, employment, or if it substantially impacts on a person's ability to perform the inherent functions related to their role. Mkhuseli Vangile takes a closer look at the condition that affects one out of every 100 South Africans and explores the issues around disclosure. Read more.

5. Cape Town Tourism Is Open For Business Despite Drought

Cape Town is currently in the third year of a severe drought, which has necessitated unprecedented water restrictions. Consumption has halved over the past two years and continues to decline. While the environmental constraints are indeed severe, it is imperative that we also safeguard the local economy and the jobs that depend on it, writes Ravi Nadasen.

6. Planning A Holiday? Let Chinese Astrology Help!

According to Chinese astrology (sheng xiao), we entered the Year of the Dog this February. And whether you believe this or not, your Chinese sign could give you the inspiration you need to decide where to travel to next- and with whom.

If reading your monthly star sign is already one of your guilty pleasures, you'll enjoy learning about your Chinese astrology sign and getting inspired for your next holiday, writes Chelsey Hale.

7. Kusekude Engqinibeni Xa Kuthethwa Ngeelwimi Zethu ZesiNtu

Umbutho wezizwe ezimanyeneyo zehlabathi uphawula umhla wamashumi amabini ananye kweyoMqungu njengosuku apho ubani kufuneka akhumbule ukusebenzisa ulwimi lwakhe lweenkobe. Oku kuthetha ukuthi, olu ingalusuku olubonwa njengosuku lokuba abantu bazingce ngeelwimi zabo. Mhlawumbi uyabuza ukuba kutheni kufuneka umntu abe nosuku olunye kuphela apho azingca khona ngolwimi lwakhe? Funda ngokugqithisileyo.