17/02/2018 09:07 SAST | Updated 19/02/2018 11:32 SAST

Best Of Blogs, February 17: Top Reads You Should Not Miss

Catch up on some of the best from the week that was.

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1. Is SA Really Worse Now Than Under Apartheid?

Julius Malema recently suggested that the South African public healthcare system is worse than it was under apartheid ... The phrase is almost guaranteed to generate a headline, but in a land where language and sentiment tend to trump reason and evidence, what does one make of that? Read More.

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2. We Have Not Seen The Last Of Jacob Zuma

Following the surprising exclusive interview with SABC in which he was seething and embittered, and despite the fact that he later laid down the reins as president, Jeanette Buis believes that we have not seen the last of Jacob Zuma. Read more.

3.In Rooting Out Zuma's Poison, The ANC Itself Might Be Ramaphosa's Biggest Stumbling Block

President Cyril Ramaphosa has to deal with all the fruits of the poisoned tree planted by Jacob Zuma – and that will require him to take on major elements, not of the apartheid enemy, but of his own beloved movement, the ANC. Read more.


4. De Lille Must Beware The Ides Of February

It appears that the DA is showing this callous disregard for due process – and this myopic pursuit of De Lille in the face of a water crisis – because it's relying on the sheeplike mentality of people. The DA arrogantly believes that a glossy info chart presented to the voter will make them forget that the DA fiddled while Cape Town dried up, forget that the DA violated the fundamental principles of natural justice, and that the DA boot-stomps strong black women in that organisation, writes Lukhanyo Vangqa.

5. Wangxwelerheka Umzi KaXhosa Ngenxa Yenxeba

Yintoni kanye le idala unxunguphalo kweli Nxeba? UTrengove (2017) akagungqi kwelithi akukho mfihlo athe wayibhentsisa kulo mboniso. Ude athi incwadi engobomi bukaMandela (1994) (Indlela Ende Eya Enkululekweni) yadiza iimfihlo ngaphezu kokuba lo mboniso wenzile. Ngokokwam ukubona, ngenene akukho mfihlelo yasentabeni ithiwe pa-ha-ha kulo mboniso, uyabhala uGqirha Hleze Kunju.

6. 7 Career-Limiting Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Eileen Chadnick says she sees a lot of people at various stages in their careers: some at crossroads, some in difficult times, and others simply planning ahead. Some are doing things right, but many, she says, are making a lot of simple career mistakes. Read more.

7. An Oscar History South Africans Can Be Proud Of

South Africans should take special note on the night of the 90th Academy Awards, as some of the country's finest are in the running for the Best Animated Short Film category with "Revolting Rhymes". Patricia Furstenberg has compiled a list of South African Oscar winners and nominees over the years. Read more.