26/08/2017 14:15 SAST | Updated 02/10/2017 12:29 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 26 August: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Here's a round up of the week's best blogs.

The Times

1. Coalition In Crisis: Why Would The General Risk The NMB Coalition?

The survival of the governing coalitions in Nelson Mandela Bay, Johannesburg and Tshwane is vital to gauge whether our system is able to withstand the shocks of short-term politics. Holomisa understands this. Which begs the question: why risk the coalition? Read more.

2. Poverty As A Dream Deferred: Racial Inequalities Continue To Define Poverty As Largely A Black African Problem

The Constitution sells dreams. It promises a better life under democracy. It promises to restore dignity, alongside a life where one's potential can be fully realised. However, for the constitutional promise to work, the government must come to the table and fulfil its constitutional obligation of respecting, protecting and promoting the Bill of Rights, writes Phephelaphi Dube.

3. Ferial Haffajee: Can Business See Beyond Profit -- Will The Contract That Big Business Signed Itself To Yesterday Deliver?

In the past few months, a few notable black executive appointments have been made, but the Black Management Forum says there is backtracking on the trend of black leadership reaching a critical mass. The competitiveness of South Africa's economy is under constant scrutiny from the Competition Commission which suggests that price-fixing and other forms of cartel like behaviour may also be factors holding back growth. Read more.

4. The ANC Is In A Fight For The Captainship Of A Sinking Vessel

Any reasonable attempt to shore up the ship and fix the problems of graft, corruption and chronic mismanagement is ignored and indeed is incapable of gaining ground, precisely because the preoccupation is command and control and not channelling change to fix the rot. This is why the ANC is in self-destructive mode, and even after December, the winner will seek to entrench command and control at the expense of fixing the rot. Read more.

5. The 'Rainbow Nation' Made Us Believe That Even Within Our Differences We Are Equal -- But We Are Not

Rejecting the unfulfilled promise of the rainbow nation is not a rejection of the struggles our [grand]parents, of the struggle heroes like Mandela, Sisulu, Winnie and so many more -- even those who are less well-known, who fought against apartheid. It is, rather, a rejection of compromising on true freedom; political freedom with economic freedom and epistemic freedom, writes Ashanti Kunene.

6. Nazism And White Supremacy Are Forms Of Terrorism

In the USA, white supremacy and the brutality of the alt-right and Nazis are on the rise. In Charlottesville, at the "Unite The Right" rally, Heather Heyer was murdered and 19 others were injured because of the brutal, grotesque attacks by these hateful individuals. To assault and intimidate others to the extent of killing and injuring them in order to impose your viewpoints, is, in fact, terrorism. Read more.

7. The Tragedy Is There Are Plenty More Women Like Criselda Dudumashe And Bathabile Dlamini Who Defend Abusive Men

Why is it that we fail to call out our family members or friends when they either show signs of violence or outright violate women? The culprits to this behaviour are women, women are among the first to defend abusive men. This is how men win, as MamuWinnie Mdikizela-Mandela says: "men dominate women through the agency of women themselves." We need more women mobilising to create better realities for each other and to support each other, because, at the end of it all, we are all we've got. Read more.