07/10/2017 08:19 SAST | Updated 23/10/2017 09:30 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 7 October: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Grab a coffee and catch up on some of this week's blogs.

South African Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba briefs the Press at the South African government Communication's office on April 1, 2017 in Pretoria, South Africa.
Gianluigi Guercia/ AFP/ Getty Images
South African Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba briefs the Press at the South African government Communication's office on April 1, 2017 in Pretoria, South Africa.

1. Urgent Solutions Are Required To Make The South African Youth Employable
It is evident that poor educational standards in South Africa are not only jeopardising the future of the country's youth, but also pulling the brakes on economic growth in Africa's second-largest economy, contributing to a 27 percent jobless rate and a frightening 55.90 percent youth-unemployment rate in the second quarter of 2017. Read more.

2. All South Africans Must Be Steadfast In Their Condemnation Of Racism
Michael Sun, a South African of Chinese descent and a servant of Mayor Herman Mashaba in the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, has suffered ugly and offensive racial slurs at the hands of Cosatu. This ANC alliance partner is convinced that its leaders are entitled to call Mr Sun a "fong kong", a "Mr Lee" on the basis of his looks and ancestry. Let Cosatu know that our Constitution is a triumph against this bigotry, writes Director of School Vouchers SA, Mbulelo Nguta.

3. Pastor Nala Should Stop Misleading The Masses And Revoke His Statements
We condemn the barbaric and unfounded notion that Pastor Nala can "heal" homosexuality. Although we believe that Pastor Nala, like all South Africans, is entitled to an opinion and association, we find it to be extremely problematic if his views threaten the lives of the many others who are sexual minorities, writes the ANC LGBTI Forum.

4. What Does Tim Noakes Think Cows Eat?
Tim Noakes is a hugely influential figure in South Africa. His "Real Meal Revolution" book has been on the South African bestseller list for three years. Sports-mad South Africans respect him for the work he's done with athletes. But as a scientist, he would do well to be a little more circumspect with the advice he dishes out. Read more.

5. Low-Cost Private Sector Schools Could Be A Possible Solution To Solve The Education Crisis In SA
For the third year in a row, 2016 saw South Africa ranked last in the World Economic Forum's global assessment of the quality of mathematics and science education. The country also came a dire 137th out of 139 countries in the WEF's ratings of the overall quality of education systems around the world. Read more.

6. Ethiopian vs SAA: Africa's Pride And Shame
Ethiopian Airlines on Tuesday announced the east African carrier has fully digitised its operations, removing paper from its entire system as it moves into the "fourth industrial revolution". Along with the airline's paper trail, Ethiopian is progressively disposing of its biggest African counterpart -- South African Airways -- into the dustbin of aviation history -- commentary and analysis by Marc Davies.

7. Gigaba Faces First Major Test With Inaugural Medium-Term Budget
The medium-term budget policy statement on October 25 is widely seen as a watershed moment for Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, who has now been in office for six months. Apart from the controversial circumstances of his surprise appointment earlier this year, Gigaba faces stern economic tests in formulating his first budget -- analysis by Professor Raymond Parsons of the NWU School of Business and Governance.