23/05/2017 03:57 SAST | Updated 23/05/2017 06:54 SAST

This Is Exactly What Nelson Mandela Fought For

"If the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government."

Michael Sheehan/ AFP/ Getty Images
Protestors hold up placards reading 'Zuma must fall' during a demonstration of supporters of the Save South Africa (SaveSA) campaign.

This year, South Africans have achieved much more than what they give themselves credit for. "This is not the ANC, Nelson Mandela fought for..." are one of many things we hear, while standing in the middle of a crowd of over 10,000 South Africans filled with nostalgia in ambitious pursuit to unite with one voice and stance, against the presidency and governance of Jacob Zuma.

Frustration, humiliation, and outrage are amongst the many emotions drifting in and through the crowd and through the streets of Cape Town. Many coming in defence of what the late Nelson Mandela fought for, a people who were liberated through the mechanics of the ANC, now oppressed by the very same political party who ushered in our democracy.

Much of the sentiments shared amongst the crowd, became a common voice "The ANC has failed us entirely". Perhaps it was the lack of intervention from the party that got thousands to march in front of the historic Parliamentary grounds, or the observation of a tyrant thriving behind a political movement's heroic fundamental principles, which became the building blocks that propelled apartheid South Africa into a Democracy.

But, amongst the diverse crowds of people who echo that "This is not the ANC Nelson Mandela fought for", one thing was certain... His legacy and life lives on in the hearts, minds, and spirits of people. A people who take the day off, without even getting paid, the poorest of the poor, who neglected their hustle for the day to stand and unite with thousands, the businessmen and young entrepreneurs who closed their doors, on one of the most busiest days of the week to have their voice echoed amongst the crowd, the young girls and boys who wore their hearts on their sleeves in the form of placards and art.

"This not the ANC Nelson Mandela fought for" YES! But these are the people he fought for. The people who are now standing in front of the government of South Africa, echoing words over a decade old; "If the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government."

Madiba was a father of a nation who He can be proud of. This may be a controversial statement to put out there to the masses, but consider this: We can't pretend to be oblivious to the white privilege that was present, or the 'low-key' coloured racism frowning on the black majority in the crowd, or the black majority owning their historic right to be present. All of this was here, in our midst... But for the days, when these protests took place, an entire nation stood united in one voice and sound echoing the fall of Jacob Zuma.

The liberated have spoken, although the ANC has failed us, the legacy of a legend has been re-established, re-purposed and re-stated. The fundamental principles of the democracy Nelson Mandela fought for, live on in the lives of people.