11/07/2017 03:57 SAST | Updated 11/07/2017 03:57 SAST

The Guptas Have Pulled Off Nothing Less Than A Silent Coup

They contemptuously operate outside the parameters of the rule of law but we still pretend that we have a constitutional democracy.

Michael Sheehan/ AFP/ Getty Images

There is a device which was used by Bell Pottinger agents at the height of their campaign which was to ask bloggers critical to the Zuptas why they were not writing about White Monopoly Capital (WMC). I doubt that they managed to convince anyone to stop what they were doing and write about WMC. However, the fundamental strategy of the agents, which was to get the nation detracted, did achieve some remarkable success.

We are a distracted nation. It is the former deputy minister of finance, Mcebisi Jonas, who said that the Guptas had pulled off nothing less than a silent coup. We have a three in one Indian Emperor but we say it silently. Otherwise, we go on with our lives as if nothing of significance has happened. The Guptas contemptuously operate outside the parameters of the rule of law but we still pretend that we have a constitutional democracy.

We are today mere vassals but the ANC still persists with its old conceited "revolutionary" rhetoric which has been recently slightly modified to suit our Emperors. The "comrades" are prosecuting The National Democratic Revolution, they say! During the first week of July, they were assembled at Nasrec discussing such important topics as the existence of WMC. This WMC nonsense has completely distracted them from the fundamental reality that we no longer have a country.

When interviewed by Radio 702 during the week of the conference Blade Nzimande pointed out, to his credit, that the so-called policy which was being discussed at Nasrec was not important compared to the elephant in the room which was state capture by the Guptas. Yet members of his Communist Party were participating enthusiastically in that charade at Nasrec despite the fact that the SACP had called for Zuma to step down and barred him from addressing meetings of the party. The forces of distraction were too powerful for them.

During the 1980s at the height of the struggle against apartheid, the National Party (NP) and its black collaborators did everything it could to distract black people who were then fighting for the abolition of apartheid colonialism. Today our miserable excuse for a liberation movement is collaborating with the Guptas to distract the people from their colonisation by the Indian Emperors.

The Zuptas have been systematically appointing their puppets to run State Owned Enterprises not on behalf of the state but on behalf of the Zuptas. Each of the SOEs has lost billions to enrich the Zuptas. A lot of the current national debt was incurred directly to rescue SOEs that had been milked dry by the Zuptas.

What Zuma and his friends have done to South Africa is an unprecedented record of criminal behaviour by an executive authority.

The Zuptas were particularly thorough when syphoning wealth from ESKOM by methods which forced the escalation of the costs of generating electricity. Given the centrality of the Energy-Minerals complex in our economy the irresponsible management of ESKOM contributed directly to the recession we are in today and the loss of thousands of jobs in the mining sector.

Zuma deliberately persecuted and harassed his minister of finance Gordhan and his deputy Jonas in the full glare of the international committee despite warnings that this would provoke down rating of South Africa. To add insult to injury he replaced Gordhan with a well-known puppet of the Guptas who had a record of replacing boards of SOEs with Gupta nominees. Zuma went out of his way to destroy our economy.

Even as the ANC delegates were assembling for their policy conference at Nasrec evidence was becoming public knowledge that the South African taxpayers had financed the extravagant sun city marriage of the Guptas which was preceded by the landing of the guests at Waterkloof airbase. So when the Zuptas are not maliciously destroying our economy and deliberately fuelling unemployment they are stealing our wealth.

Bell Pottinger, an evil public relations firm which was hired by the Zuptas to distract South Africans from the Gupta coup, by sowing racial divisions, has recently confessed and apologised for their crimes relating to sowing racial hatred in our country. The Bell Pottinger affair alone is enough to disqualify Zuma from the presidency of this country and to render the Guptas undesirable immigrants. But the distracted citizens did not so much as demand an apology from the Zuptas.

We should all be wondering what next the Zuptas are going to do to destroy South Africa. But South Africans are completely distracted from this reality. When Zuma and his ministers make speeches about their dreams for "a democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous" South Africa we listen respectfully despite the sneer which is evident these days in Zuma's countenance when he recites these annoying platitudes.

The preceding brief summary of what Zuma and his friends have done to South Africa is an unprecedented record of criminal behaviour by an executive authority. The behaviour defines the President as the enemy of South Africa. With a man like that at the presidency, it makes no sense whatsoever that we have expensive intelligence services and a National Defence Force. I cannot imagine an external enemy that would do more damage to South Africa the Guptas who pulled off a silent coup, with the assistance of Zuma, right under the noses of our distracted armed forces.