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Lessons From Inkosi uShaka Zulu On How To Change Your World

In his quest to become King of Zululand, uShaka made changes to how his people viewed war resulting in the Zulu Kingdom having better odds in battle.

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Shaka Zulu: The Citadel, The Epic Mini-Series Chronicling The Life Of The Legendary Chieftain.

Back in University I fell head-over-heels in love with Inkosi uShaka Zulu.

I mean what is there not to love about the man? He was a charismatic, intelligent, self-made chocolate work of art. He had a work out regimen more intense than most soldiers could handle, a smile that melted the hearts of all women and above all of this, the brother apparently had the voice of an angel.

Inkosi uShaka had a rough childhood and decided early on that he would not be a victim of circumstance. He believed he was royalty even though life initially did it's best to keep him out of the runnings for any such position. In his quest to become King of Zululand, uShaka made multiple changes to how his people viewed war resulting in the Zulu Kingdom having better odds in battles, not only with other natives but with colonialists too.

uShaka created a system of wealth with his soldiers that saw to the thriving of smaller communities linked to his kingdom and therefore his successes became the success of all who were associated with him. If one is to forgive uShaka for all the terrible legacies associated with his name, this on it's own makes for a man worth learning from.

If we are to go by the amazing feat this notable African King achieved, we can concur that each (wo)man has within them the capability to change the world... Or at least the corner of the world in which they live in.

Not all (wo)men were created to merely survive. The shear thought of mere survival scares most of us these days. We want to thrive and live lives that allow us the pleasures of RPP (rich people problems) to flow in and out of our lives... Land owner problems instead of overdue rent, tax problems instead of unemployment and the best one of all, a full passport instead of nowhere to go.

So after reading Shaka Zulu by E.A Ritter cover to cover I've come up with an easy "How To Change The World" instructional. Now, it's not foolproof, and I'm still trying it out myself but I can promise you one thing – a good shoddy last minute plan to get your life on track is better than no plan at all. So how do you change your world like Shaka Zulu did?

1. Get Mad!

Be willing to live like most people won't until you can live like most people can't. This is how you change a unsatisfactory situation.

2. Get Smart!

Write down your short term and long term goals so that you can track your progress and know when it's time to start doing something different.

3. Get Busy!

Tap into every resource you have and utilise each of these resources in a way that can benefit your goals.

4. Get Support!

Surround yourself with loyal people who believe in your vision for your life and who will keep you accountable to yourself.

5. Get Encouraged!

Make connections with people you respect and keep close enough to always have a whiff of what's coming your way if you keep on pushing.

The only way things will change for us as a people here in Africa, is if we all take responsibility for our own advancement and decide to never give up on ourselves. Be the exception... Get your pen and paper and write down those goals!

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