27/04/2017 03:57 SAST | Updated 27/04/2017 10:19 SAST

The Jacob Zuma Blockbuster -- On Air For Free

Corruption, the main theme throughout this movie has swept through the streets and has now started reaching each and every taxpaying citizens' pockets.

Nasief Manie/ Foto24/ Gallo Images/ Getty Images

It is with such great regret that millions of South Africans get to view the Jacob Zuma Blockbuster for FREE.

Everyone gets to view this, each and every one of us.

Unlike any movie this one comes with the "REAL 3D/4D" effects - everyone will feel it, tremors have been reported and landfills are now not only filled by rubbish, but our country too is heading toward the "junk"pile.

According to Google, the Jacob Zuma Blockbuster could mean:





  1. a thing of great power or size, in particular a film, book, or other product that is a great commercial success.

Indeed, the lead character, President Jacob Zuma, is of great power and yes size too, but this film is live and would result in non-commercial success or any success at all. Effects of this movie have been felt far and wide - even the most vulnerable in our society have gone through the climax or rather the "thriller" bit of having their social grants almost taken away.

Corruption, the main theme throughout this movie has swept through the streets and has now started reaching each and every taxpaying citizens' pockets. To do a synopsis of this film we are watching right now happen before our eyes, would be an injustice - think of what is yet to come - let me not be the spoiler alert.

783 charges of fraud, corruption, racketeering, money laundering etc, SAA collapse, other state owned enterprises opened up for looting, the mess of the public broadcaster SABC, wrongful board appointments, take over of the crime and intelligence services in the country, tender fraud, housing lists corruption, SASSA, mentally ill patients prematurely transferred to their deathbeds and recently the entire country country asking/begging/pleading for one man to step down.

This movie is not one for the history books - its history in the making and to some extent it is shaping the future of our country, a future we as young people cannot accept.

In his piece, The guilt of the gutless three Justice Malala, rightfully shows that the only star of this film is Jacob Zuma himself. Everyone else can come and go but he is most certainly here to stay.

Malala in his piece says: "Ramaphosa, Mantashe and Mkhize are cowards. When the time came for them to show some backbone and, as Mantashe likes to put it, "give leadership", they were found wanting." As we uncover what will happen next in this live movie featuring some new and old players, the likes of Mr Gigabyte, Razzmatazz, Kubayi and the rest of team lacklustre - South Africans should not allow this to happen.

Many calls to action have taken place, yet it seems the ANC is too stubborn to realise it shall be hurting at the polls. The leadership of the organisation may change come December, but in the hearts and minds of the electorate, the Zuma brand has changed the ANC forever.

The only power we have is to vote and vote out the problematic people is what is necessary to turn this country around.