Trans Activist To Lara Kruger: 'You Dared To Speak Truth To Power... Rest In Pride'

'I am happy that you played your role; you changed the game.'

12/01/2018 15:56 SAST | Updated 12/01/2018 16:01 SAST
Lara Kruger / Instagram

Dear Lara,

What a beautiful person you were! What an inspirational person you were and still are. The majority of transgender women could easily relate to you.

You made it look easy to live; to be you.

You gave hope to transgender people who are not from cities that it possible to be you and do what you love, regardless of where you from.

You gave hope to many that it is possible to have a career in spaces where one is always an afterthought because of their gender –– if they are even considered at all.

You being openly transgender and working in mainstream media gave hope to a young transgender person who is told she can't because of who she is.

You challenged man-made rules that were put in place to discriminate against minority groups and the disadvantaged.

I love you for that. I love you for being brave, for [your] trans visibility, for being fearless –– and most importantly, for the giving the rest of us hope.

You were loving, honest and genuine. You were such a woman!

I remember our last conversation at Shine Studios. You said, "Yaya you speak so much sense; I love you." I was so moved, and I still am –– we are hardly told anything positive even by our own community and families.

As I write this, I am so hurt.

I am hurt because a black strong transgender woman who lived without fear is no more.

A black transgender woman who gave hope to so many is no more, to remind those that are disadvantaged that they can.

A bubbly trans girl who was brave enough to say we are, we will, and we can, is gone!

However, I am happy that you played your role; you changed the game.

You called out so many who are in power and said, "You will respect me, and you will listen to my story," and you succeeded.

I am shattered as I look around, wondering who else is going to challenge all those transphobic people when a young trans girl is bullied and abused.

May your soul rest in peace and in pride with love,

Yaya Mavundla.