10/02/2018 07:12 SAST | Updated 10/02/2018 08:03 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 10 February: Read These Right Now

Catch up on some of the week's blogs.

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1. Tuks Residences: A Failure Of Our Democracy

The racial project, as lead by our democratic government, has not been without its fair share of challenges, the biggest one being how to transform and destroy a socially constructed concept such as racism and create new concepts to meet the demands of the diverse status quo, writes Siphokazi Tau.

2. People's Tribunal Closing: 'Let Justice Roll On Like A River'

This week, South Africans have witnessed at play the significance of a civil-society initiative for the health of South Africa's constitutional democracy. The People's Tribunal is writing a new page in the history of our democracy, a page of active democratic participation, of inquisitive democratic participation, of dutiful responsibility in democratic participation, writes Malusi Mpumlwana, General Secretary, SA Council of Churches. Read more.

3. Intimate Betrayal Is A Pain Like No Other

Dr Eve expands the lens for us to consider the many forms of betrayal that impact on our intimate relationships. She offers you an opportunity to consider your own value system concerning intimate betrayals. Read more.

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4. Thanks For The Statement, Mr Ramaphosa, But Seriously?

The President of the ANC National Congress comrade Cyril Ramaphosa issued a statement on discussions with the President of the Republic of South Africa, comrade Jacob Zuma on transition. Pieter du Toit clarifies some matters on the statement.

5. Fashion: A Means To Mobilise, Make A Statement, Tell A Story

Fashion has been used to make a statement on many occasions and it has not gon unnoticed. Jason Basson takes us through some of these moments in history where clothing items that have been the subject of intense scrutiny, but also symbols of liberation. He reminds us that yes, fashion can tell a story. Read more.

6. 'Cape Town Does Not Need Buchan's Fire And Brimstone'

Angus Buchan believes that the Western Cape's drought is God's will. On March 24, the controversial preacher plans to descend on Cape Town for a national prayer meeting with his devotees. As the drought deepens, it is most vital that Capetonians are accountable to each other and to promote unity, fellowship, compassion and community among each other, writes Matthew Winfield.

7. Zille's Jackboot Approach To Water Shortage Could Backfire

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Premier Helen Zille and Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane address a crowd at the Joseph Stone Auditorium in Athlone on January 24, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Helen Zille, premier of Western Cape, has made two startling claims about the water crisis in Cape Town. This approach gets in the way of more constructive responses to disaster. It can even trigger the very disorder it seeks to avoid. In other words, a self-fulfilling prophecy occurs which has serious consequences for a community and the humanitarian response to a disaster, writes Joelie Pretorius.