20/01/2018 13:53 SAST | Updated 20/01/2018 14:06 SAST

Best Of The Blogs January 20: Read These Right Now

Catch up on this week's best blogs.


1. Patricia De Lille And The Battle For The Soul Of Cape Town

The city of Cape Town with the DA at the helm had for years pursued an agenda of "transformation of a special type". This was anchored by the DA's principle of equal opportunity, a highly criticised policy that purported to present equal opportunity to an unequal society with unequal access to those equal opportunities. This approach ultimately led to cosmetic changes at a very superficial level, but failed to deliver any substantive changes that would alter the structural nature of the city's inequality, writes Lukhanyo Vangqa.

2. The Idea Of Scrapping Universities Is Tempting, But...

The temptation to suggest that South Africa forgo university education grows when people who completed their university studies use the knowledge they gained to allegedly cook the books or act less than honourably, as we have seen with Steinhoff's Markus Jooste and KPMG SA. However, despite this temptation, it would be hypocritical for those of us who have university qualifications to say that South Africa should forgo universities altogether –– because it is like setting alight the bridge once we have reached the other side of the river, denying others the experience, writes Jeanette Buis.

3. H&M – Everyone Is To Blame For This Monkey On Our Back

While the brouhaha over the H&M "monkey" hoodie advertisement appears to reflect wholesale anger with a pugnacious brand personality, individual preferences and the reality of economic and racial stratifications have regularly shown how consumers remain quite selective – and plain slippery – about the brands they choose to pick commercial fights with, says Tafi Mhaka.


4. Lungi Ngidi And Rising Black Excellence In SA Sport 🇿🇦

It has been 24 years since South Africa became a democratic country, and 27 since we returned to international sport after the release of Nelson Mandela heralded the dismantling of apartheid. In this period, we have had our fair share of national glory and pain in sports – but the perennial holy grail has been effective transformation. Read more.

5. Mandy Wiener: Is The Sun Finally Setting On Richard Mdluli?

Mdluli has always maintained that there is a political conspiracy against him. He even has a name for it - Ulibambe lingashoni, which loosely translated means "Don't let the sun set". It seems now that the sun is finally setting on Richard Mdluli. He is taking his pension and riding off into the sunset. But you can be sure this will not be the last you hear of him. He has left a trail of destruction at the NPA and the police in his wake, and the cost of that far exceeds the R8-million he has pocketed in the process. Read more.

6. There Is A Recurring Pattern Of Violence Against Women In The EFF

The media is obsessed with every move that the EFF makes. They have to be – Julius Malema's proximity to white supremacists like Lord Renwick has the media eating out of the palm of his hand, so fundamental issues are seldom covered. If ever a story deserved more coverage by the mainstream media, it's the persistence of violence against black women in the EFF, writes Thabi Myeni.

7. Panyaza Lesufi: 'Language Policies A Crude Form Of Racism'


This philosophy of racial division and cultural and language individualism remains entrenched in our education system. That is why Hoërskool Overvaal's legal victory in keeping out 55 Grade 8 English-speaking learners from the Afrikaans school in Vereeniging was a major setback for transformation and the struggle for a nonracial society and should be repudiated, says the Gauteng MEC for basic education. Read more.