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Best Of The Blogs, March 3: Top Reads You Shouldn't Miss

Here's your chance to catch up.

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This week we had some of the most diverse views on the blogs desk, with various individuals adding their voice to the debates that occurred in the week that was – especially the lessons President Ramaphosa could learn from Zuma's presidency, the land debate that has taken SA by storm, and the reshuffle which saw many cadres retained in the new Cabinet despite the smallanyana skeletons. Grab a coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy this weeks' selection of blogs.

1. South Africa Needs A Law That Says What Equitable Access To Land Is

HuffPost interviewed Professor Ruth Hall of the University of the Western Cape at PLAAS on what the land debate actually is, and whether it's practical to carry this through, considering the ideological differences between the ANC and the EFF.

Professor Hall takes us back to Codesa, and examines what the road ahead looks like for SA with regard to the land debate. Read more.

2. 3 Lessons Zuma's Disastrous Presidency Has Taught Us

Say what you like about Jacob Zuma – he has forced the country into a deep reflection about what the real leadership requirements of our democracy are. Through his leadership, it is not an exaggeration to say that he has destroyed the very fabric of our country and exposed the fact that the ANC leadership can hardly go through the eye of the needle, writes JJ Tabane.

3. 'We Don't Want Bathabile Dlamini Representing Us As Women'

Bathabile Dlamini has often sparked public debate on the role she has played (or failed to play) in advancing the rights of women and ensuring that their voices are heard and well represented – and when the recent reshuffle occurred, many were confused as to why she'd be appointed as Minister of Women in the Presidency.

Naledi Chirwa unpacks why it should come as no surprise that this was the collective resolution of the ANC. Read more.

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Bathabile Dlamini.

4. Bricks Vs. Straw – Building SA Tourism's Sustainable Future

There has been a season of healthy growth in the tourism sector, and businesses have done what businesses are designed to do: capitalise on growth by investing and developing to increase capacity.

However, with the wolves of a wavering economy, water shortages and other challenges circling, it is increasingly important for the industry to focus on sustainability as a governing rule, to ensure it is building an impenetrable foundation. Danny Bryer gives solutions for the tourism industry to thrive under these pressing circumstance.

5. South Africa, Like Israel, Should Do Some Deep Soul Searching

It is profoundly hypocritical that South Africa, home to the Lindela Repatriation Centre, which the SA Human Rights Commission, Medecins Sans Frontieres and other international human rights organisations have criticised for the appalling conditions under which African migrants whose numbers dwarf those in Israel are kept, points a finger at the Jewish state, writes Rolene Marks.

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Fiona Gray tucks into a giant burger at a restaurant pop-up in London.

6. How Moral Is Tim Noakes' Diet?

A few months ago, Trevor Sacks wrote to Tim Noakes, through his foundation, to try to push the professor to admit two things:

  1. The ecological devastation wrought by industrial animal agriculture is enormous and evident;
  2. It's quite possible to live a healthy, long, active life on a vegan diet.

Sacks unpacks some of the claims that have been made when it comes to healthy diets and discusses how damaging Tim Noakes' pronouncements on health and the environment can be. Read more.

7. HuffPost SA Vlog: What Does The Apartheid Flag Mean To You?

The HuffPost SA team sat down and gave their point of view on the apartheid flag. Watch what the team had to say.