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Best Of The Blogs, May 13: Top Reads You Shouldn't Miss

Grab a coffee and catch up with this week's opinions.

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Here's our prime selection of blogs to help you catch up on current conversationst South Africa is grappling with — from the state of education to the policies that govern our freedoms.

South Africa is in a very weird space lately, with so many things unfolding. Chief among these is the war on the media — it is paramount that as media practitioners, we hold each other accountable, and in the same vein that readers hold us accountable. This works both ways, though.

Another boiling pot is the land debate. We will still be talking about this for some time — but it is an elusive subject for many.

Here's our weekly round-up to bring you up to speed; settle in and enjoy.

1. DA's Plan To Take 3 Provinces — A Pipe Dream?

The DA has become a party focused on its internal politics, embroiled in a damaging race war with its leader Mmusi Maimane, and facing a long drawn-out battle with Patricia de Lille, the mayor it axed on Tuesday. Ferial Haffajee unpacks how the DA may have shot itself in the foot and slashed its dream of winning three provinces in the 2019 election. Read more.

2. AfriForum: From 'Shoot The Boer' To 'String Up The Professors'

In 2011 AfriForum condemned "Shoot The Boer" and dismissed claims that it wasn't meant to be taken literally. In 2018 the organisation's second-most senior official quotes an author saying professors must be strung up, while addressing a professor. How does Roets square Klemperer with his condemnation of Malema and AfriForum's position on free speech? He can't, writes Pieter du Toit.

3. Max Du Preez: South Africa Needs Intensive Therapy

There is a wonderful Afrikaans expression for what we feel now: skaam-kwaad, a toxic mix of shame and anger. So we lash out, we insult, we threaten, we break things. We suffer from post-traumatic depression. We need intensive therapy, writes Max du Preez.

Thousands of South Africans from various groups march to the Union Buildings to protest against South African president Jacob Zuma and demand his resignation on April 7 2017 in Pretoria.

4. South Africa, The Risks We Face Are Real

The risks we face are real. The data shows that we can't assume that hope and social cohesion will last indefinitely, unless households across the country are better off and unless politicians focus on achieving that, rather than diverting attention from their failures by exploiting despair only to sow division. Part of the reason for this is precisely the very significant gains achieved in the years after 1994, when the democratic dividend went far towards delivering "a better life for all", writes Michael Morris.

5. The Making Of A Dissident Afrikaner: Lessons From Beyers Naudé For Today's Rebels

Some Afrikaners see him as a sellout, while others view him as a struggle hero. Change over time is a very important part of studying history, and when we look at Naudé's story, we get insight into Afrikaner nationalist history as well as struggle history, because of his personal change over time. Ruhan Fourie posits that the question for South Africans across the board today is what can we learn from this dissident Afrikaner dominee? Read more.

6. AfriForum And Farm Murders: Could We Get Past The Single-Story Narrative?

Farm murders have a complexity of stories. And they all need to be told. Because much as stories can be used to oppress or dispossess, stories can also be used to restore dignity, to heal. To humanise. If we can only get past the single story, Professor Elmien du Plessis addresses the dangers of a single story following AfriForum's attack on her after she criticised the organisastion. Read more.

7. 15 Biographies And Memoirs Of Amazing African Women

What makes a woman amazing? Patricia Furtsenberg rounded up 15 biographies and memoirs by amazing African women to inspire you this Mother's Day — and any other day of the year. Read more.

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