19/05/2018 08:56 SAST | Updated 20/05/2018 13:16 SAST

Best Of The Blogs, May 20: Don't Miss Out On These

Grab a coffee and catch up on some of this week's blogs.

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In the past week, many contributors wanted to share their thoughts on current affairs. One wrote about technological advancements and how humans can ride the wave of the fourth industrial revolution.

Other topics include motherhood and the various demands (and rewards) that come with it, the Mining Charter and the minister heading the mining portfolio, and what he has done so far in his position. Take some time out of your weekend and enjoy the selection we've picked for best of blogs.

1. Why Ramaphosa's U-Turn On 'Thuma Mina' Is A Big Mistake

Ramaphosa has gifted "thuma mina" to the ANC, which adopted it in a party campaign launched in Tembisa on Friday morning. It has turned into an anodyne campaign for service delivery, rather than the exciting idea it was when Ramaphosa began it — a rallying call to service by and with citizens, rather than for citizens, writes Ferial Haffajee.

2. Dear Africa: Never Mind Kanye West, Are Black People Truly Free?

In spite of all the menacing odds constructed through slavery, colonisation, apartheid and social injustices, when will Africans get over the fiery slogans, fist pumps and startling inaction, and start making things happen for ourselves? How far have we come since Marley made this desperate plea for widespread self-assessment and self-empowerment within the universal black African family, asks Tafi Mhaka.

3. Motherhood Has Evolved, While Fatherhood Lags Behind

Motherhood has changed over the years as more women have had to adapt to the different economic realities that they're faced with both outside of working hours and at work.

Sarah Setlaelo takes a look at what motherhood means in the 21st century. Mothers have been forced by circumstance to evolve into economically active citizens, while men have failed to evolve into corresponding domestically active fathers, she claims. Read more.

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4. Artificial Intelligence: How Can We Ensure This New Technology Serves Us?

It is now up to us as individuals, workers, parents, managers, leaders, companies, governments and societies to understand and evaluate these trends and technologies and to ask: how can we ensure this new technology serves us, writes Simon Carpenter.

5. Have Scandals Left Any Value In The BComm Accounting Degree?

What is the future of business globally, when these accountants and auditors, who play such a critical role in the operations and governance of companies, turn a blind eye to graft? What happens to the public, who rely extensively on the accounting fraternity to enforce the founding principles of democracy such as accountability, if it folds to corruption? Read more.

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6. Is Mantashe Ushering In A Return To 1996 'Class Project'?

Instead of building bridges and mending the trust deficit, the minister's consultations have further alienated communities, and reinforced their worst fears that the minister is determined to exclude community voices from their constitutionally enshrined right to participate in their own governance, writes Christopher Rutledge.

7. It's Time For A Political Party For Women

To all the women in South African politics today, the stage has been set for you to cross party lines and come together to form a party that Mama Winnie would've wanted to join. It's not enough to just have a league or a "wing". It's time to form a party that will stand firm in the face of the patriarchy, to stand firm in the face of adversity and contempt, writes Michel'le Donnelly.