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Best Of The Blogs; May 5: Reads You Don't Want To Skip

We had some of South Africa's leading minds write for us this week.

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As World Press Freedom Day dawned, many people shared their views on the role of the media and the various impediments plaguing newsrooms — particularly in reference to fake news and the print media's role in empowering citizens.

Caster Semenya and the IAAF continue to be a talking point, as new regulations from the federation have seen many South Africans rallying behind Semenya in support. The land debate and Saftu were also amongst topics of interest, the former unpacking the need for more women included in the land debate and the latter a comparative analysis on what the rise of Saftu means for Cosatu.

On the lifestyle side, Dr Eve offers advice on sharing sex problems with a partner. We also have a lovely round of financial hacks for new parents, and a denouncement of inflicting gender stereotypes on children. Here are some of the best from the blogs desk this week:

1. Ferial Haffajee: At The Heart Of Each Act Of Accountability Is An Act Of Journalism

South African journalism is experiencing a golden age, but as Unesco's director of freedom of expression and media development Guy Berger has noted in "World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development", published this week, the story is one of one step forward and one step backwards, writes Ferial Haffajee.

2. Saftu Has Donned The Militant Mantle That Was Once Cosatu's

With Saftu having donned the militant mantle that once belonged almost exclusively to Cosatu, it seems likely that Saftu will continue to gain at the expense of the older federation, especially since Cosatu remains wedded to the ANC-led alliance, writes Labour analyst Terry Bell.

3. Black Women Must Lead The Conversation On Land

4. Don't Fix What's Not Broken — And Caster Semenya Is Definitely Not Broken

The new rules set out by the IAAF have been called the "Caster Semenya Regulations" by South African Minister of Sport Tokozile Xasa, because in her view, the regulations were aimed solely at putting South Africa's star athlete over 800m and 1,500m at a disadvantage. It was heart-warming to see the support and encouragement Semenya has received, and one admires the dignity with which she is dealing with the controversy surrounding her, writes Jeanette Buis.

AFP/Getty Images
Caster Semenya on the podium during the victory ceremony for the Women's 1,500m at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in the London Stadium in London on August 8 2017. (Photo credit: Andrej Isakovic/ AFP/ Getty Images)

5. Financial Life-Hacks For New Parents From Super-Mum Rachel Kolisi

Many mums and expectant mums are often not prepared for the mounting financial obligations that come with babies, and are often stunned when their maternity salary is not nearly enough to cover costs — or their savings come up short thanks to the hidden costs of motherhood, Francois Viviers interviewed Rachel Kolisi and they share their top tips about unforeseen expenses for new parents.

6. Perpetuating Gender — Is It A Boy Or Girl?

Gender roles are socially constructed and structurally upheld to benefit a muscular man. They hold that girls are to be vulnerable, in need of a male saviour, and sexually objectified. Boys are to be dominant, aggressive in their hustle, and are often told in political language to be "absolute and resolute", writes Siphokuhle Mkancu.

7. Dr Eve: Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Sex Problems?

Understandably, self-disclosing a sexual problem is a different kettle of fish. Women with sexual problems report feeling isolated, guilt, shame, and inadequacy as a romantic and sexual partner. Dr Eve unpacks sexual communication and how this could lead to enhanced sexual and relationship well-being. Read more.

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