22/07/2017 13:31 SAST | Updated 02/10/2017 12:36 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 22 July: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Catch up on some of the week's blogs.

Brian Molefe, the former chief executive officer of Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.
Waldo Swiegers/ Bloomberg/ Getty Images
Brian Molefe, the former chief executive officer of Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.

1. What Else Is Eskom Not Being Truthful About?

Eskom, once was a beacon of fiduciary virtue, with former CEO Brian Molefe touted as a turnaround specialist sent to restore the power utility's financial and operational stability. And now the company is fast becoming another SAA, where a succession of acting CEOs come and go, while operational stability lurches from one crisis to the next. When will we see leadership? Read more.

2.The Cost Of Makhosi Khoza's Courage May Be Her Job

Even if Speaker Mbete surprises us all and arranges for a secret vote, I don't believe it would succeed. Remember that the ANCYL, the ANCWL, the MK Veterans and various provinces are solidly behind Zuma. There are upwards of a hundred parliamentary office holders, ministers and deputies who want their jobs to continue and they will not risk rocking the vote, writes Former Chief Whip of the Opposition, Douglas Gibson.

3. We Should Stop Paying Attention To The Chamber of Mines -- And Here's Why

To be sure, many will argue that the interests of the mining industry are not as antithetical to the interests of the ordinary South African as I am suggesting. They might argue that if the mining industry does well, the SA economy is helped in the form of employment and exports. In my view, this contention is quite naïve. The interest of the mining industry is essentially to maximise profit for their investors, writes Johnbosco Nwogbo.

4.Leaving The ICC: Why SA Is At Risk Of International Isolation

South Africa, as an economic powerhouse with a progressive Constitution to boot, occupies an influential position in articulating the combined concerns of the rest of the continent. As such it is imperative that South Africa remains as a member of the ICC and continues to advocate for meaningful structural changes within the ICC and other reforms to international bodies, including the UNSC. Read more.

5.Here Is the Real Question Save SA -- Who Are You Fighting For?

Sipho Pityana, the leader of the Save South Africa organisation and corporate executive, breathed fire, as he called on all South Africans to stand up to the evil force of corruption. As South African citizens, deeply concerned by the narrative of blatant state corruption and the Guptarisation of the ANC, it is hard to disagree with this concern. It is real and immediate. But the real question was who was to recapture what? While the immediate threat is certainly evident, the common cause Mr Pityana alludes to is unfortunately not that evident, says Christopher Rutledge.

6.Here's What Women Really Need From Companies To Get Promoted

We are faced with the fact that 39 percent of businesses in South Africa do not have any women in leadership positions. Here is a thought... instead of sending women on leadership programmes, how about we send key decision makers on a programme. Leadership programmes with a very specific focus and allows application in the work environment is key, writes Cherralle Alexander.

7.The Crisis In The Alliance Means The SACP Has An Opportunity To Live Up To Its Name

Despite the SACP's ability to turn politics into left-wing poetry, the party is unlikely to stand on its own come 2019. Growing inequality and a collapse of public institutions might not be in the party's interests, neither is losing power. How does one build a socialist state without being involved in the business of government? Read more.

8.Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's Action Plan Is A Damp Squib

If Gigaba wants to set this economy on a growth path, he needs to administer the bitter medicine that might make him unpopular. He must slash public debt by cutting waste rather borrow new money to meet spending needs; he must starve all these failing monopolies of taxpayer rands and ultimately sell them to South Africans to run businesses, writes Mbulelo Nguta.

9.Editor's Note -- Pravin Gordhan Doesn't Have A Choice Anymore

The feeling in certain sections of the divided caucus -- President Jacob Zuma still enjoys strong support -- is that the party has now reached its tipping point. Not everyone feels the same way and many are still content to sit out the daily revelations about state capture until it peters out and is accepted as reality by a numbed public. But a growing number of ANC MP's are starting to steel themselves for the motion of no confidence and a decision which will define them for the rest of their lives. Read more.