21/10/2017 14:25 SAST | Updated 23/10/2017 09:31 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 21 October: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Time for your weekly catch up on the best blogs.

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1. Parents Should Teach Children The Art Of Making Mistakes

We need to shake up our thinking in terms of mistake-making. Generations of people have passed on the untruth that making mistakes is to be avoided at all costs and worse, making mistakes, even minor ones, means punishment and humiliation, writes Owner and co-founder of Step Up Education Centres, Cindy Glass.

2. 'We Now Have A Government That Is Corrupt From Top To Bottom' -- BLSA CEO

Business Leadership South Africa, the biggest business lobby group in the country, has become increasingly vocal about rising levels of corruption and mismanagement of public assets. Concerns have been growing in the country that corrupt practices, particularly the looting of state assets, has become embedded in the way business is done. As the organisation –- which represents large businesses and multinationals in South Africa -– takes on a new political posture, Steven Friedman put questions to its CEO, Bonang Mohale.

3. There Is Gangrenous Rot At The Ailing National Broadcaster

The fact that many South Africans were not particularly surprised by the findings of the ad hoc committee reveals something closer to the truth of the SABC's actual state of health: there is a breakdown in trust between the national broadcaster, its audience and its partners. This, more than anything is the catastrophe at the core of the SABC, and it is self-inflicted, writes Chairman of the South African Guild of Actors, Jack Devnarain.

4. Maritzburg College Students' Choice Of Political Affiliation Is Their Decision To Make

The outrage we have seen on social media and heard on talk radio stations just because these young men exercised their democratic right to political affiliation is completely unwarranted and pointless. I think we should commend young people who are ready and willing to play an active role in our society and take an active interest in the future of this country, writes the spokesperson for the Minister of Basic Education, Troy Martens.

5. The President's Powers Must Be Exercised Rationally

The South African President enjoys great discretion with respect to how he exercises his powers. This includes the appointment of Cabinet ministers. This is not to suggest that there are no limits to his power. As court decision after the court decision has emphasised, public powers can only be exercised within the narrow confines of rationality, writes Director of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, Phephelaphi Dube.

6. Access To Menstrual Hygiene Products Is A Basic Human Right

While the eradication of all costs related to sanitary products, could cripple the sanitary product industry, a manageable solution would be to make sanitary products available in public spaces, just as the Department of Health has done with condoms. This access would benefit the marginalised within our society -- who are predominantly poor black women. Read more.

7. This Could Be The Biggest Breach Of The Protection Of Personal Information Act Ever

Data loss continues to make headlines around the globe with South Africa being the latest target. A database of more than 60 million South Africans has apparently been leaked online. I have warned that companies must act before it's too late. This could be the biggest breach of the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act ever. Read more.